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Koral Travel Car Hire Booking Conditions
Car Rental Booking
For all car categories; minimum age requirement is 21 with at least two year of valid driving license. Rental period starts from reservation and are calculated on a 24 hour basis. Rates are including of limited kilometers(300km), costs of lubrication and technical maintenance, Third party insurance, 7/24 Road assistance service. Tax (18%VAT) is included price. Vehicles are delivered with a particular amount of fuel and are expected to be returned at same level. Otherwise, less fuel is charged as company rates.  

One-way fees will apply regardless of the rental length in the event of the vehicle is returned to a different location. 

In order to have additional person(s) drive the car along with the original renter, the details of their driving license(s) must be registered in the rental agreement at the time of issuing contract. Otherwise all insurance coverage becomes void and both the renter and the additional driver(s) will be held fully responsible legally and financially for any and all damages and losses to Koral Travel's property as well as to third parties. An additional fee is charged for each driver on per day basis other than the original renter. 

Delivery and pick-up service is available within city borders and airports. 

If the vehicle is returned after the agreed return time, 1/3 day charge of the daily rental rate is charged for every excess hour. For more than 3 hours delay daily rental rate will be charged. Legal responsibilities resulting from traffic violations that incur during the rental period are charged to the renter. Renter have to pay all the amount.

Some other products are available along with the hired car. If you make your reservation through our web sites, these products will be introduced you by our system with their full prices and the price intervals. For those who make their reservations through e-mail or some other manual way, baby seats, boosters, etc. are available with a notice prior to 48 hours and for these extra product fees and further details, please contact Koral Car Rental. Driver and tourist guide may be provided upon request. 

Car Categories
When you make a reservation, the reservation will be under the Categoryname. We inform you concerning which makes and models are available under the category you have chosen before you make the purchase via online or any other way. We cannot guarantee any specific make and model for your reservation.

warning-icon “Some pictures will appear with the car categories list after your search releated to each category. Those pictures are for illustration purpose and the same car cannot be expected.”

Full payment is required and the following credit cards are valid;

Visa / Mastercard
MNP / MIR Card valid
Master Card
warning-icon “Please note that Debit Cards are not acceptable by our system and if you try to purchase with a debit card, an error message will appear.”
If Any Cancellation / Change Occurs On Your Booking
In case you would like to cancel your car rental booking,by our booking system or the lead name on the booking must inform us via registered e-mail address. After we are informed regarding your car rental booking cancellation, you should receive a cancellation confirmation from us. Since we incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges up to the maximum specified in below:

Period before Pick-up within which written notice of cancellation is received % of Total Booking Price
22 Days or More 25%
21 – 15 Days 50%
14 – 0 Days 100%
*These percentage charges are based on your total cost of your booked car rental and calculated by this way. 

It is a must that the renters are fully insured by the way law orders and to make insurance offers according to the customers’ requirements. There are two types of protection insurances offered by Koral Travel. The first type is the mandatory insurance, applied by the government rules which are Third Party Liability Insurance and, the second type is the voluntary insurance and waivers which are the Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection Insurances, are all designed by Koral Travel for the confidence and safety of the customers.

All the vehicles have compulsory third party insurance within the legal limits. Lessor undertakes the responsibility in the event of injury or damage to third parties within these legal limits of compulsory third party liability insurance in proportion with his benefits from the insurance. Any responsibility above the limits returns to the Lessee.

Lessee has full responsibility and is liable for the theft of the leased car and for all damages. However, these liabilities of Lessee can the covered if the accepts and deposits agreed premiums (LCF), (CDW) at the time of taking delivery of the vehicle, and undertake and fulfill the following conditions. Otherwise this CDW is void.

Lessee, under no circumstance, will interfere the damaged vehicle, and will report any accident, theft or tire to Lessor and to the nearest authority (traffic police, police or gendarmerie) immediately, unless excused by the doctor’s report.
Since the evaluation of the accident has to be done by authorities, the driver will only explain the happening and will not accept any charge readily in his statement,
Lessee must obtain and hand to the Lessor within 48 hours, a details accident report taken from the nearest authority, alcohol report, also the names and addresses of the witnesses.
In the event of theft of the vehicle, the Lessee has to report to the nearest authority and to the Lessor immediately. Lessee is responsible to pay the rental on the due tariff basis for the first 45 days, if the vehicle cannot be found.
Under the following circumstances, all the insurance and CDW will be void;

If the accident and alcohol reports are not submitted.
If the car is driven by persons other than whose names are written in the rental agreement.
If the car is driven under influence of alcohol or drugs.
If the driver does not possess a valid driver’s license.
If the legal speed limits and traffic regulations are violated.
If the driver is 100% faulty.
If the accident or damage happens after expiry of the rental period shown on the rental agreement.
If the accident damage happens during pushing or towing a vehicle or any other rolling or non rolling object.
If the accident happens during motor sports or on roads not open to and/or suitable for normal traffic.
If the accident / damage happens due to overload or during transport of inflammable goods.
If the fire starts from sources without flame, such as cigarettes.
Cigarette burns and stains on the seat covers and tyre damages caused by misuse are not covered.
Not being able to be benefitted, even partially, from the insurance, for the damage, and injury, not attributed to his fault.
Lessor preserves his right to return to the Lessee for his loss.
Lessee declines all the responsibility for the injury of the Lessee driver or any person in the vehicle, caused by a third party.

 Problems and Complaints
We hope that your rental will be enjoyable, but if you do encounter any problems please speak to the Koral Travel's initially to try and get them resolved.

Important Notes
In case of any accident, the vehicle must not be moved from the accident site. The accident and alcohol reports must be obtained from the nearest police or gendarme station in order to have the insurance of Collision Damage Waiver remain valid. In case of a breakdown or any emergency need, call Koral Car Rental Emergency Call Center's 24 hour operational service. 

Emergency Contacts
In case of a breakdown or any emergency need, call Koral Car Rental Emergency Call Center's 24 hour operational service from below telephone numbers;

0090 532 216 9817 – Emergency Line 1
0090 533 276 8408 – Emergency Line 2
0090 252 412 9948 – Marmaris Car Rental Office
0090 252 616 7375 – Fethiye Car Rental Office

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