Muğla Gocek Marina

Top rental cars for this car rental location
  • Renault Clio Automatic
    Renault Clio Automatic
    • 4 Person
    • 2 Luggages
    • Hatchback 5 Doors
    • Automatic
    • Gasoline or Diesel
    • A/C
    • GPS
    25,00 € / day(s)
starting from20,00 €
Gocek Marina
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Fethiye-Göcek; Turkey's most beautiful bays, sparkling sea and exquisite nature ... Gocek Muğla's Fethiye district depends on the Mediterranean and offers a stunning synthesis of the Aegean culture. Gocek yapante holiday is very enjoyable with its green forests, still producing farmer villages, fresh air, beautiful beaches and cute restaurants. Gocek is a small town where you can walk. But there is a lot you can do in Göcek especially in the summer. To enter the sea, do diving, do water sports, walk on the beach or Göcek forests, collect grass in the spring and prepare delicious herb roasters or to cook herbs, fresh seafood in fish restaurants, take a boat trip and discover the Aegean and Mediterranean bays. few of them. Göcek was a region where Lycians lived thousands of years ago. The Lycian city was flooded there. However, this underwater city can be seen even on the boat tour. If you want to experience the exquisite experience of swimming on this city, simply join one of the daily boat trips. One of Göcek's famous sightseeing stops is the Bath of Klopatra. The water here is believed to bring beauty and youth. It is very easy to get to Göcek from Muğla Airport by car. You can also explore the surrounding bays while you have a car or transfer to our car rental options.

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Location one way fares
PICKUP LOCATION DROP LOCATION Minimum Rental Duration One way fee Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla Marmaris Koral Car Rental Office5 day(s)35,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla Marmaris Yacht Marina1 day(s)30,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaDALAMAN AIRPORT5 day(s)20,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla Dalaman City5 day(s)20,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla BODRUM5 day(s)50,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla FETHIYE OFFICE5 day(s)25,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla MILAS - BODRUM AIRPORT5 day(s)45,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla AKYAKA5 day(s)33,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla Dalyan5 day(s)30,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla Martı Marina Orhaniye1 day(s)35,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla Gocek Marina1 day(s)10,00 €
Muğla Gocek MarinaAntalya Muratpasa Office5 day(s)135,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaAntalya AIRPORT5 day(s)135,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek Marinaİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport5 day(s)135,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaMuğla Menteşe Centrum1 day(s)30,00 €Distance Calculation
Muğla Gocek MarinaEskişehir 1 day(s)180,00 €Distance Calculation
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